A few musings to kick off the week

1. Things which are cute when small children do them, but slightly eccentric at best when adults do them: Naming everything in sight (“Truck! Ball! Telephone!”), having entire conversations that consist of nothing but unrelated observations about what’s going on (“You have a hat! I don’t have a hat.”), carrying around stuffed animals everywhere, wearing princess or fireman costumes or pajamas to church, getting people to pick you up and read you stories.
1a. Why do I have the feeling some of you are going to try at least one of those just because I mentioned them?

2. Recommended product: Sharpie pens–not the permanent markers, the pens. They write really smoothly and work well in Moleskines, if you’re a Moleskine user. (By the way, if anyone from the people that make Sharpies are reading this, sure, I’ll take a free sample.)

3. Actually (related to #1), I’ve always wanted to do a kids book reading party–everybody show up with their favorite kids book and have storytime. With cookies. Maybe milk and juice [or something stronger…*cough*]. When I get a bigger place to live, I’m totally doing this.

4. The weather’s been excellent in Austin of late–upper 60s, sun, some rain but not a whole lot–so it’s finally starting to feel like spring’s here instead of the relatively extended winter we had. It did just hit me the other day, though, that I have a bunch of stuff due pretty soon and I haven’t touched most of it, so my brain’s starting to get into panic mode, more or less. This week will be planning; the rest of the semester will be execution, as far as I can tell. (Seriously–two conference-quality papers, three presentations, book reports, and a project, and trying to figure out a capstone project and apply for jobs. This should be interesting.)

5. Okay, I have an article I should probably go and read…more to come soon. Love y’all.

Thursday 13

The “I fell asleep all afternoon and forgot until 11 pm” edition. This week: 13 things you’ve eaten this week.

1. Hummus and flour tortillas.
2. A sweet potato with Vidalia onion salad dressing.
3. Lots of peanut butter and jelly. Not sure why.
4. Blackberry pancakes at Kerbey Lane (yum).
5. Mujadara, which is this Middle Eastern dish with lentils and rice and caramelized onions. Much more interesting than it sounds, actually.
6. A Chick-Fil-A sandwich.
7. Lots of baked potatoes, too, which is kinda weird.
8. Homemade egg and potato breakfast tacos (yum).
9. Black coffee, which I am apparently more okay with than I thought I was.
10. Vanilla iced coffee.
11. Cinnamon applesauce.
12. Pumpkin Spice Flax Kashi granola bars, which I recommend.
13. Spoonfuls of straight peanut butter.

music check.

Just because we haven’t done one in a while. Put your music player on shuffle, give us the first 20 tracks. Feel free to play along if you haven’t done so before.

1. Glen Hansard, “Say It To Me Now”
2. “Cheers Theme Song”
3. Robbie Seay Band, “Good Reason”
4. The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers, “Another Rock Star Laments”
5. Sean Watkins, “Roses Never Red”
6. Andrew Bird, “Self-Torture”
7. Iron & Wine, “Wolves (Song of the Shepherd’s Dog)”
8. Over the Rhine, “Professional Daydreamer”
9. Milton & The Devil’s Party, “Have to Have Everything”
10. One Nation Crew, “Be Like Him”
11. The Katinas, “One More Time” (yes, seriously)
12. Bloc Party, “Hunting For Witches”
13. Josh Ritter, “Other Side”
14. Iron & Wine, “Belated Promise Ring”
15. Spanish Harlem Orchestra, “Sacala Bailar”
16. Gene Kelly, “Singing In the Rain”
17. U2, “Indian Summer Sky”
18. Jens Lekman, “The Opposite of Hallelujah”
19. Shane Barnard, “Psalm 143 (Revive Me)”
20. Wilco, “Spiders (Kidsmoke)”

a couple of bullet points…

1. I’m attempting to read a chapter for one of my classes and it’s about to break my brain, so I’m going to put up a blog post instead.

2. Random discovery: I am apparently allergic to almond milk, of all the random things in the world to have an allergy to. Not anything serious, but it does give me a mild rash up around my eyes, which is less than pleasant.

3. After some careful consideration, I’ve decided that temperance and fortitude are virtues I’m lacking rather severely; however, I guess I have more of them than I did even five years ago, so I suppose that’s progress. My church did a series on the seven deadly sins last summer, and I think the pagan and Christian virtues (temperance, fortitude, justice, and prudence; faith, hope, and love) have been sitting in the back of my head for a while waiting for me to consider them as well. They’re not easy to come by, the virtues, but they’re worth pursuing, like all good things. Every good thing takes work somewhere, which is an idea that I’m just now coming to grips with, and something I’m grappling with since I’m pretty lazy by nature (again, see my lack of fortitude).

4. Posts for the future: On the etymology of common, communicate, community, and communion; on the nature of repentance; on the biblical trees; on the snow happening in Austin today (pic to come); Thursday 13 on Thursday (also, apologies for lack of Mix Tape Monday yesterday; I couldn’t come up with an idea). Keep an eye out. If I don’t post this stuff by Easter, please feel free to yell at me.

5. Okay. That’s all I have for now. Love y’all.

I read in the book
You wrote
That Radiohead
And a long drive home
Helped restore your soul
Like green pasture
Like still water
An airbag saved your life
And you were born again

That is no formula
For resurrection
Because if there were a formula
Fewer of us would be
Living dead

For me
It was a long walk through
A neighborhood
A phone call
And U2 in my headphones

My friend felt his
Father’s touch after
A long hard race

We hear the voice
See the glory

If we have eyes and ears
To receive it.


One of my literature profs at Baylor told us the first day of class, “The stories you tell reveal the story you inhabit.” That’s stuck with me ever since.

The question I’m facing now, which is also fueled by Don Miller’s latest book, is what kind of story am I telling with my life? What’s the narrative I’m inhabiting? And is there anything I can do to change the plot?

Of course, God already knows the ending. But I don’t. (What character does?) And He might be getting me to think this so I can live toward the end He has in mind.

thursday 13.

This week: Because Valentine’s Day is Sunday, your 13 favorite fictional couples. If anyone says Edward and Bella, you will receive a swift pummeling.

1. Claire and Charlie (Lost)
2. Jesse and Celine (Before Sunrise/Before Sunset)
3. William Miller and Penny Lane (Almost Famous)
4. Claire and Henry DeTamble (The Time Traveler’s Wife)
5. Stu Redmond and Frannie Goldsmith (The Stand)
6. Eowyn and Faramir (The Lord of the Rings)
7. Meg and Calvin (A Wrinkle in Time)
8. Satine and Christian (Moulin Rouge)
9. The guy and the girl (Once)
10. Carl and Ellie (Up)
11. Drew and Claire (Elizabethtown)

[I’m noticing a trend with women named Claire…]

12. Rob and Laura (High Fidelity)
13. Janie and Tea Cake (Their Eyes Were Watching God)

(Bonus love triangle: Tracy, Mike, and C.K. Dexter Haven in The Philadelphia Story. Quite possibly a love rectangle if you throw in Liz.)

this is how crazy the incarnation is.

Imagine a single 30-something guy you know. He’s a good member of the community. Works hard. Loves his mom and brothers and sisters. Occasionally teaches in church, and he’s good at it. Everybody likes him. You like him. You hang out with him every once in a while.

Okay. Now imagine this guy disappearing, then reappearing and publicly saying one day, in no uncertain terms, that he’s God, that you should give up everything and follow him.

And it just happens to be true.

I just got this the other day, and my mind is now kind of blown.