a couple of bullet points…

1. I’m attempting to read a chapter for one of my classes and it’s about to break my brain, so I’m going to put up a blog post instead.

2. Random discovery: I am apparently allergic to almond milk, of all the random things in the world to have an allergy to. Not anything serious, but it does give me a mild rash up around my eyes, which is less than pleasant.

3. After some careful consideration, I’ve decided that temperance and fortitude are virtues I’m lacking rather severely; however, I guess I have more of them than I did even five years ago, so I suppose that’s progress. My church did a series on the seven deadly sins last summer, and I think the pagan and Christian virtues (temperance, fortitude, justice, and prudence; faith, hope, and love) have been sitting in the back of my head for a while waiting for me to consider them as well. They’re not easy to come by, the virtues, but they’re worth pursuing, like all good things. Every good thing takes work somewhere, which is an idea that I’m just now coming to grips with, and something I’m grappling with since I’m pretty lazy by nature (again, see my lack of fortitude).

4. Posts for the future: On the etymology of common, communicate, community, and communion; on the nature of repentance; on the biblical trees; on the snow happening in Austin today (pic to come); Thursday 13 on Thursday (also, apologies for lack of Mix Tape Monday yesterday; I couldn’t come up with an idea). Keep an eye out. If I don’t post this stuff by Easter, please feel free to yell at me.

5. Okay. That’s all I have for now. Love y’all.


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