A few musings to kick off the week

1. Things which are cute when small children do them, but slightly eccentric at best when adults do them: Naming everything in sight (“Truck! Ball! Telephone!”), having entire conversations that consist of nothing but unrelated observations about what’s going on (“You have a hat! I don’t have a hat.”), carrying around stuffed animals everywhere, wearing princess or fireman costumes or pajamas to church, getting people to pick you up and read you stories.
1a. Why do I have the feeling some of you are going to try at least one of those just because I mentioned them?

2. Recommended product: Sharpie pens–not the permanent markers, the pens. They write really smoothly and work well in Moleskines, if you’re a Moleskine user. (By the way, if anyone from the people that make Sharpies are reading this, sure, I’ll take a free sample.)

3. Actually (related to #1), I’ve always wanted to do a kids book reading party–everybody show up with their favorite kids book and have storytime. With cookies. Maybe milk and juice [or something stronger…*cough*]. When I get a bigger place to live, I’m totally doing this.

4. The weather’s been excellent in Austin of late–upper 60s, sun, some rain but not a whole lot–so it’s finally starting to feel like spring’s here instead of the relatively extended winter we had. It did just hit me the other day, though, that I have a bunch of stuff due pretty soon and I haven’t touched most of it, so my brain’s starting to get into panic mode, more or less. This week will be planning; the rest of the semester will be execution, as far as I can tell. (Seriously–two conference-quality papers, three presentations, book reports, and a project, and trying to figure out a capstone project and apply for jobs. This should be interesting.)

5. Okay, I have an article I should probably go and read…more to come soon. Love y’all.


One thought on “A few musings to kick off the week

  1. I dropped my new Sharpie pen under the passenger seat of my car and nearly hyperventilated when I couldn’t get it back. Not my Sharpie pen! It took a lot of work, but I got it back.

    Sharpie people, I’ll take a free one too.

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