a few things:

1. Too much cancer, part 1: I haven’t mentioned him here before, but Michael Spencer is a blogger I’ve followed and admired for a while now. A few months ago he was diagnosed with cancer; in the post linked to above his wife just told us all that he’s been given about six months to a year to live. He’s fifty-three, a husband, a dad, a teacher, a writer, a friend to a lot of people and probably an inspiration/thought-provoker to even more. It seems that he’s at peace with it now, but pray for him in his suffering, and pray for his family and friends, too, if you could, please.

2. Too much cancer, part 2: March 16 starts Matt Chandler’s second, more intense round of chemo, so pray for him and his wife and kids, too.

3. And some of my friends are going through some pretty dark times spiritually and emotionally as well. If I may be honest, I was having one of those last week myself, for one reason or another. It feels like the crap is hitting the fan in a lot of people’s lives, and it’s not easy to carry one another during that. I keep having to remind myself that it is, in fact, a privilege to do so, and that I don’t have to be afraid or ashamed of having people do so for me. It feels like we’re on the brink of something interesting for some reason.

4. On a much, much lighter note, I bought a bike last night. Now, I haven’t ridden a bike in at least 15 years; I took it out for a spin this morning, and now my butt is seriously sore (which I’m sure y’all totally wanted to know…). I have determined that I need to get a hold of an Allen wrench and adjust the seat height, but that’s another story. Anyway, it felt good to be on a bike again, sore butt notwithstanding, and let me also say that it is the girliest shade of pink a bike can be without having a Barbie logo involved somewhere. (Dad, if you’re reading this, I promise to never read a book while riding. I could get away with that when I was eight, but at 25 I hopefully know better than that.)

5. Finally, to leave y’all on a downer again, another Taylor Mali piece, this time one that makes my throat tighten every single time:

addendum (3/9, 1:41 pm): Another downer point: Forgot to mention that the former pastor of Providence Church in Frisco was found dead over the weekend, of what looks like an accidental sleeping pill overdose. Married, two little kids.


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