have you ever even parked a car before?!

1. Title reference comes from Lost. Which I’m almost caught up with, having pushed through almost four seasons in about two months. I’ve been having very strange dreams involving the characters (or Charlie/Dominic Monaghan, at least).

2. This post at the Rabbit Room outlines pretty much every reason I love the movie Magnolia (and by the way, if you’re not reading The Rabbit Room, it is some good, good stuff over there, and I highly recommend it).

3. Oh, and I just got in to Houston this evening (Tuesday). I am unfortunately going to have to do some homework this week (papers and reading and such), but I’m leaving my evenings and afternoons free if any of you H-town peeps want to hang out.

4. I feel like I have something more to say, but it’s not coming to mind…the past few nights have been pretty sleep-deprived for one reason or another, and my brain might implode any day now from too much Lost, so I might not write anything coherent here until at least tomorrow…

5. By the way, seeing as tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day, now is the time when I confess that for a while now I’ve wanted an “Everyone loves an Irish girl” shirt just to throw everyone off. 🙂


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