25 (more) things to do before I go

An addendum:

1. Go deep-sea fishing.
2. Get a full spa treatment with a group of girlfriends.
3. Sort out my miscellaneous minor-but-still-annoying health issues.
4. Be at the finish line when my friend Dave finishes a marathon (no pressure, dude).
5. Run a full marathon myself (!!!).
6. See Bruce Springsteen live.
7. Learn how to actually chop things correctly, because what I do now is more like hack them to pieces.
8. Attend a Catholic mass (which I’ve done before, but I was 10 and wasn’t really paying attention).
9. Learn how to bind books.
10. Learn how to do statistics.
11. Write my life history for my kids.
12. Fly first-class somewhere.
13. Go to TED or Q or SXSW Interactive (…or all three).
14. Throw a pot (as in make it, not literally throw it).
15. Eat caviar.
16. Leave my waiter/waitress a $100 tip.
17. Attend an Eastern Orthodox service.
18. Finish this giant list of project I made a while back.
19. Go to Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God concert at the Ryman.
20. Write my will (morbid, but necessary).
21. Be in/start a book club.
22. Grow out my hair really long, then cut it off and give it to Locks of Love.
23. Attend a Passover seder.
24. Can something (tomatoes, jam, something like that) and give it away.
25. Pick someone and write letters–handwritten, in an envelope, with a stamp–every week for a year to them.


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