rain, rain, don’t go away…

1. Title comes from “April Showers”, a really old-school Caedmon’s Call song (one of my favorites) and the fact that it is in fact raining right now outside. It’s rather Seattle-ish outside, except for the fact that it’s also kinda muggy and gross (ew). I should totally be doing research for a couple of projects right now, but that is probably the last thing I want to do right now, so instead I’m gonna sit here and write a blog post and drink my iced coffee.

2. I had a job interview today (!) with a library system in the Seattle area (!); they were in town recruiting, and if I pass this round, they’ll pay for me to go up there to do a skills assessment test (!). I think it went well; my interviewers were really pleasant to talk with and seem like they enjoy their jobs a lot, so here’s hoping I get in. *crosses fingers* I am looking around at other places, of course, especially since I have less than five months until I graduate (!!!!). It does make me glad I’m not graduating in May, of course; otherwise, I’d be freaking out a lot more than I am at the moment (which, incidentally, is a lot).

3. I am *finally* caught up with Lost. By the way, Nestor Carbonell (i.e., Richard the immortal guy) earned about a million hotness points during Tuesday’s episode as soon as he opened his mouth and Spanish came out. (If you’re not a Lost watcher, I apologize.)

4. Um, not much else to say. Been grappling with some personal stuff, as is probably appropriate during Lent. Just finished reading Jared Wilson’s Your Jesus is Too Safe, which has the distinction of being the only book I know of that cites both N.T. Wright and Homestar Runner (seriously). Following The Tournament of Books and March Madness (sic ’em, Bears! seriously!). All I’ve got. More to come, maybe. Love y’all.


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