i keep forgetting my own history.

I like watching period dramas, partially because I’m a big fan of Victorian dress. I once wore a hoop skirt for a play in high school and loved it, believe it or not. I have not, however, ever worn a corset. Soon to remedy.

Of course, I look at those and think sometimes, I was born in the wrong era.

And then I remember the following:

1. I’m not a serious feminist, but women’s suffrage is kind of awesome.
2. Had I been born in the 1800s-early 1900s, I wouldn’t have lived in the United States or Europe anyway (duh).
3. And actually, I would have ended up dressing more like this, which, really, I like a lot, too. I kinda want a hanbok (which is what that’s called, and people still wear them for special occasions in Korea), but I have no occasion for wearing one, ever, unless I get invited to a Korean wedding or something.

And then I go back to the movie, and thank God I was born in postmodernity, when we can always reinvent ourselves.


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