it’s also the only place WITH BOOKS!!!

1. On etymology: Do not call common that which God has made holy; they had all things in common; shared, base, low-class; communicate = to share information, but an archaic definition of it is to have sexual intercourse; can’t have community without communication, or having information in common; communion is a rite by which God communicates with us and draws us into the community of the Trinity, intimacy with both Him and with one another. We don’t take communion alone. He draws us common people, the refuse of the world, into Himself. (Did you follow all that?)

2. Congratulations to Kathryn Bigelow for being the first woman to win a Best Director Oscar; I still haven’t seen The Hurt Locker, but I’ve heard it’s a great film and plan to remedy that soon. Is it just me, though, or did anyone else think the ceremonies last night were kinda lame? However, they did serve to remind me how much of an oddball Quentin Tarantino is, and how much I totally love him for it.

3. I may be calling upon some of you soon for help in research; I’m doing a paper on use of social media in religious communities and since I think most of y’all are involved in one or both of those, I might come after you and ask some questions. You have been duly warned.

4. Houstonians, I will be in town sometime next week, depending on whether or not I can get a shift at work covered.

5. Finally, the title today comes from this poem by Taylor Mali, who hasn’t stopped by here in a while. You might want to turn up your speakers, since the sound is kinda quiet, but not too loud, for reasons you will see if you watch:


this is why i bailed out of academia:

“What causes a[n online conversation] to be interesting [enough] to prompt a user to participate? We conjecture that people will participate in conversations when (a) they find the conversation theme interesting (what the previous users are talking about) (b) see comments by people that are well known in the community, or people that they know directly comment (these people are interesting to the user) or (c) observe an engaging dialogue between two or more people (an absorbing back and forth between two people). Intuitively, interesting conversations have an engaging theme with interesting people.”

We needed a 10-page article and a study to tell us this? Really?