thursday 13

This week: 13 things that make a good spring for you.

1. Sweet tea. Preferably on a porch somewhere.
2. Lemonade.
3. Wearing skirts.
4. Clothes in colors that aren’t black.
5. Bluebonnets (which I will sorely miss if I leave Texas).
6. Azaleas.
7. Allergy meds.
8. Lots of sunlight with a little bit of rain mixed in.
9. The weather not immediately jumping to mind-numbingly hot.
10. Tacos (which for some reason are spring/summer food to me).
11. Bluegrass music (which for some reason is spring music).
12. Eating outside.
13. Rolled down windows and a long drive with some good tunes.


One thought on “thursday 13

  1. Ashley

    Yes yes yes, especially to numbers 3 and 4. And may I just add, flippy-floppies!!! I kind of miss numbers 5 and 13. But New York has pretty flowers, too.

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