ten things that happened last night

1. Threatening to slap someone
2. Drinking drinks for my friend’s birthday
3. Watching someone make centerpieces
4. Eating cupcakes
5. My friend’s car randomly getting impounded (on her birthday)
6. Eating barbecue
7. Meeting and having an affable conversation with my friend’s ex (not the birthday friend).
8. Someone yelling the chorus to “Sweet Caroline”
9. Introducing someone to the Scots-Korean Starburst commercial
10. Making the six-degrees-of-the-PCA that much easier to figure out


6 thoughts on “ten things that happened last night

  1. LOVE sweet caroline! oh neil diamond, you make my hot august nights brighter. and um, cupcakes + barbecue + that commercial + birthdays?! sounds kind of like my ideal evening.

    also: the other day i figured out my five-degrees-of-separation from barack obama!

  2. I like “Sweet Caroline”, too. But imagine a drunk Will Conrad repeatedly yelling the chorus apropos of nothing, and you’ll understand why he was the “someone” of item #1. πŸ˜‰

    It was a good evening. Wish you could’ve been there (it was the thing for Jen @ The Harp).

    I am so curious about your degrees of separation from the president. πŸ™‚

  3. OH MAN! did not even pick up on that. yes, i so wish i could’ve been there! had to work til 11 (which meant really midnight). also, i have come close to #1 with this sort of will conrad tomfoolery before, so i see what you mean. there’s no one like will conrad, that is for sure. πŸ™‚

    here are my degrees!

    1. my mom’s dearest (and i do mean dearest) friend-since-the-fourth-grade, ms. cathryn, who is probably the lynchpin to any and all six-degree scenarios i may have (she’s on the board of the houston zoo, does a lot of charitable work, etc.)
    2. her good friend, mrs. grizzle, with whom she founded the houston chapter of this charity called “women of vision”
    3. mrs. grizzle’s husband was roommates at harvard with the current c.e.o. of goldman sachs.
    4. the previous c.e.o. of goldman sachs (whom the current c.e.o. obviously knew) left his post to become treasury secretary (as in of the u.s. treasury), which brings us to…
    5. el presidente.

    maybe not that exciting. but it pleased me to figure it out. πŸ™‚ do you have some degrees to share?

  4. i want to know what this handshake was like. firm? noncommittal? were his ears prominent? details!

    i’m sure we all have a six-degrees connection to the president. do you have a six-degrees that you’ve figured out to someone famous?

  5. Re: the handshake, I have no idea as I wasn’t there. You’d have to ask my brother. πŸ™‚

    I’m semi-related to the guy who was the Sheriff in Cars. Anyone who knows Steph has an automatic Kevin Bacon number of 3 (her mom’s cousins know him somehow). I went to high school with the kids of the state representative for some district in NW Houston. That’s about all I know. πŸ™‚ Watch me be related to some bigwig in South Korea and never ever find out about it…

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