thursday 13.

This week: In honor of the Library of Congress obtaining every public tweet ever, the last 13 things you tweeted (or, alternately, your last 13 Facebook statuses–stati? stata?–if you’re not on Twitter; if you’re not on either, tough luck).

1. @deepdownthings !!!!
2. It’s definitely time for a cup of tea. Been writing papers all afternoon and my brain is frying.
3. @stephvw *hug*
4. RT @slate “Life” is No. 7 on crowd-sourced list of “most awesomest things ever.” // I love the Internet.
5. RT @abrahampiper Interesting: A Xian musician coming out of the closet. Just as interesting, if not more: How many must be staying in it.
6. @catagator *high five*
7. Just scored a copy of Christ and Culture for $1. #iamagiantnerd #iheartmyjob
8. @trevortaylor :p
9. @slackerlitgeek *high five*
10. The last 5 songs in Next to Normal reduce me to a weepy pile of angst EVERY SINGLE TIME.
11. By the way, after seeing the Astros scores this season, I feel a lot better about being a Cardinals fan. #pleasedonthitme
12. Whenever I see one of my classmates, “My Body is a Cage” automatically starts playing in my head (long story).
13. RT @JeffHolton Dr. Chang’s initials are really “PF.” #fakelostspoiler // LOL

(Serendipitous bonus #14: RT @librarycongress Library to acquire ENTIRE Twitter archive — ALL public tweets, ever, since March 2006! Details to follow. // Wow!)


2 thoughts on “thursday 13.

  1. 1. sitting in Barnaby’s waiting for meatloaf. the salad was choice, but dave needs to consume animal flesh.
    2. just made a ham, egg, and swiss english muffin sandwich. BOY HOWDY is it good.
    3. @stephvw Hang in there, kiddo.
    4. Aww man. I didn’t know Company was being performed in town!
    5. what-what-whaaaat?
    6. @bigescalade Dude, I love BWW. That’s where my work-league softball team goes after games.
    7. @akmcclen NICE.
    8. @mabeswife See, it’s morally upright to buy Cadbury chocolate. *silent skyward fist pump*
    9. moment of weakness: whataburger honey butter chickn biscuits. stomach ache. regret.
    10. that went…really well.
    11. I need to focus focus focus. gotta get this crap done in 80 minutes, so i can meet someone up on the north side.
    12. “when you’re Christ-oriented and not cause-oriented, you get community and not affinity… that’s actual community.”–MD
    13. my 3-part non-specific LOST commentary: 1.” BOOM!” 2. “Yay, dude!” and 3. “Well? NOOOOO!”

    almost half of mine were about food. that’s pathetic.

  2. yeahyeahyeah i’m #1!

    i’m not sure i want to do this, because i’m pretty sure one of my latest 10 was a reply tweet to demi lovato. i don’t want to sully the good name of your blog with such nonsense.

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