so much for not posting.

1. Hi. Can’t keep me away from here, I guess.

2. I just realized that last month(!) was National Poetry Month and I did nothing about it. Also, today’s May Day and I feel like I should be outside frolicking instead of inside writing code. Somewhat disappointing. On the other hand, this pink grapefruit Izze I’m drinking is tasty.

3. Been considering how I tend to live a lot in my past, and how it’s maybe time to let my past inform what I do with my future and push forward into that instead. We live in acts, maybe, and it feels like I’m in some sort of intermission. Changing the set and my costume, maybe, getting some water, before I go back out on stage. I just don’t want to live here for the rest of the show.

4. Also, I just got Trouble by Ray LaMontagne. How have I never listened to this guy before? He is so good.

5. Well, that’s all I’ve got, really, except to ask y’all a few questions:

a) What’s the next big decision you have to make?
b) What are you reading these days?
c) Do you have any projects you’re working on? If so, what?
d) What are you gonna eat for dinner (or what did you eat for dinner)?


2 thoughts on “so much for not posting.

  1. Jonathan

    You’ve never listened to Ray LaMontagne?!? I find that surprising. He’s amazing. My favorite of his 3 albums is Till The Sun Turns Black, which is just perfect from beginning to end, though Trouble and Gossip in the Grain are very good also.

    Favorite songs on Trouble: “Hold You In My Arms” and “Forever My Friend”.

  2. Amanda!!! Ray LaMontagne? Welcome to 2006, my friend! This is proof that I really must reciprocate those Top 50 collections you so graciously gift at the end of the year. Really, though, I’m so glad you’ve met his acquaintance. He calmed me through much of college (and life today). I was going to see him in Hamburg last year, but he cancelled his gig because he got to play on SNL that week! I hear he’s great live.

    Also, that pink grapefruit Izze is my favorite soft drink! Tied with Tango in the UK! SO GOOD.

    And congrats for being almost finished with your penultimate year of school!

    Now, on to this little questionnaire…
    a) Many “little” decisions (I guess life is made up of these), but the next “big” one is where and when will I finish up those two damned last college courses I have to take in order to get my degree?
    b) Harry Potter #4 and this amazing cookbook: I know cookbooks shouldn’t count, but I’m doing so anyway.
    c) Well, minor ones. Making playlists on my new iPod (recreating the old ones), planning activities for my three-day live-in nanny gig, figuring out details of upcoming trips. Nothing awesome, like writing about religion and social media.
    d) Chips and salsa, with vitamin water and honey-flavored Greek yogurt for dessert! Happy Cinco de Mayo 🙂

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