thursday 13!

(I meant to post this yesterday; I think I may have hit “save draft” instead of “publish”. Oops…)

This week: 13 things you want from life.

1. I want to be like Jesus, to listen to the Spirit, to serve the church, to love my neighbors. The rest of this is gravy, really.

2. I don’t want to have a boring story.

3. I want to love the city where I live.

4. I want to love my husband and children someday.

5. I want to be really, really good at my job.

6. I want to be a generous giver.

7. I want to not be afraid of people.

8. I want to be part of a diverse community.

9. I want to find what I’m looking for (like Bono).

10. I want to put down roots somewhere.

11. I want to have solid traditions.

12. I want to keep my curiosity (though not so much that I get in trouble…I am the cat curiosity perpetually kills).

13. I want to make beauty, wage peace and justice, speak truth to both the powerful and the weak.


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