lead me on through the night…

This is gonna be a random one, so get ready, kids:

1. I just got the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack (even though I actually haven’t seen the movie yet…), and it is a perfect summer evening album–good for driving with the windows down, or sitting outside (or inside, if you’re a wimp like me) with a cold beverage of your choice. It makes me want to dance.

2. Also recommended: Blue Bell now makes a cookies and cream flavor with those vanilla Oreos instead of the regular chocolate ones. It is awesome. Makes me happy.

3. Today a bunch of friends and I, together with one friend’s three children and dog, went and had a picnic at the state park, followed by a three-mile hike. Loads of fun, and hey, now my farmer tan is gone. 🙂 I don’t really know why I don’t go hiking more–it’s good exercise, and a chance to get out in nature and get some sun and non-city air. Next time, however, I will have to wear something other than $5 Old Navy flip-flops on my feet (the blisters! the blisters!). Oh, and I got to swing on a swingset today, and I forgot how much it works those muscles by your hips. Also, my fear of falling off of stuff has apparently heightened the older I’ve gotten, since I got more freaked out the higher I got than I remember ever getting as a kid; perhaps this comes from having fallen off stuff more often?

4. Was reminded of this quote by Lauren Winner, and it has been extraordinarily useful in keeping me sane lately:

God is sanctifying [my friends] through marriage and parenthood, but He is not just blessing them and leaving me out in the unblessed cold. He is using my ridiculous jealousy and my endless self-pity to sanctify me.

5. Every generation of my family that I’m aware of has sent at least one of its men to the military (if not necessarily to war). Three grandfathers, two uncles, and now my brother. One of my nephews or cousins’ boys or one of my future sons may be the next one. And as much as I hate war and the fact that it’s even necessary, I honor their service, along with that of all the men and women who didn’t return.

6. File under the Sad News category: Right as he and his girlfriend are about to head to the airport to leave Hawaii, Jorge Garcia’s (the guy who played Hurley on Lost) dog gets hit by a car. Terrible.

7. File this under “The Western Hemisphere totally did not need more disasters”: 115 people died in a tropical storm in Central America. The picture they have up on the site is horrifying.

8. Okay, I’m tired, y’all. Good night.


2 thoughts on “lead me on through the night…

  1. Rest in peace, Nunu.

    I love hiking but I only do it a couple times a year. I would love fancy hiking boots but currently sport some $20 Wal-Mart sneakers.

  2. Teva flip flops- go with those if you must hike in flip flops. They’re worth the price tag! Hope your feet forgive you and recover soon.

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