thursday 13!

This week: Thirteen more rules that you try to live by.

1. In many cases, a local place will give you better service than a national chain. Not all the time, but enough that you should pay attention.

2. Turn in things on time. Honor deadlines. (Coffee is usually helpful with this.)

3. There’s too much to do with your life, whether it’s practical stuff like cleaning or getting work done, or creative stuff like your bucket list or that giant list of projects you have; there’s absolutely no reason you should be bored, ever. 🙂

4. One thing I’ve started to live by: Try not to eat anything with ingredients that you can’t readily identify. I have no idea what that multisyllabic chemical thing is; I should probably not put it in my body. (It’s harder, however, to kick my Diet Coke habit…)

5. Don’t go watch movies at the theater by yourself. It totally sucks.

6. Being hydrated is an excellent thing. Drink water, and you will feel less like you want to die. 😉

7. Get outside. Being inside a lot makes you depressed, seriously.

8. You don’t have to be interesting all the time.

9. This is also a recent development: Unless you really can’t hit that note, sing the melody during church. 🙂

10. Don’t let your gas tank get below 1/8 full. Bad things happen when you try that. 😉

11. Savor books. Write in them, if you can. Spend good time with them.

12. Take notes. You’re not going to remember stuff if you don’t write it down, so write it down.

13. Don’t go through life alone. Be grateful to and for the people you have.


2 thoughts on “thursday 13!

    1. Manders

      1. I usually sit near some music major friends who are way better at it than I am. 😉

      2. I feel like it draws attention to me. I’m learning the beauty of letting my voice blend with everyone else’s. Not that singing harmony’s bad, just that I don’t feel like it’s a good idea for me at this point.

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