the living room recommends…

Live classical music
Go to the symphony. Go to choral concerts. When you actually watch an orchestra or chorus or opera company do what they do, as opposed to listening to a recording, it can be electrifying, in a different way than a rock show can. Better with a friend or loved one. (Take a jacket or a wrap or or a sweater or something; concert halls, unlike clubs, are usually freezing.)

Listening to good preaching
One of the ways God has sustained my sanity and sanctification the past few years has been to land me in churches with good preachers, and to direct me to others around the world. Expository preaching of the Word can feed your soul like nothing else, friends.

Taking care of your car’s issues as soon as possible
Had I actually heeded this, I would now have a car. (Farewell, Jimmy; you were an excellent and praiseworthy machine.) However…

I’ve been sort of forced into this by not having a car, but walking, y’all. It’s good for you. Sure, it takes longer, and sure, you may be a sweaty mess at the end of it, but it makes you slow down and take a look at the scenery. You can plug in your headphones and jam. You get some good cardio. You get some sun and fresh air, if you’re into that. I’ve lost three pounds this week. It’s awesome.

Staying hydrated
I can’t really emphasize this enough–it’s hot out there, y’all, especially if you’re in Texas like me. Drink water. It keeps you from getting overheated, your body likes it, and it’s more or less free if you get it from the tap. Seriously. Invest in one of those giant Nalgene bottles and drink up.

Waterdeep are a rock band originally from Kansas City or thereabouts (I think) and now they’re in Nashville just like everyone else making Christian music. Don’t let the “Christian” thing scare you off if it usually does; these folks write thoughtful, intelligent music about life and love and occasionally about Jesus. A sample:


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