Since the last time…

Things are boring in my world, sort of. Having neither time nor a car has precluded adventures of late. Not much interesting going on internally, either, just sort of slogging along. I have been feeling slightly off-kilter this week, maybe because of all the rain coming through on account of that hurricane. Rain usually gives me a great deal of pleasure because it induces melancholy and reflection and I am bizarrely happiest when also slightly (not very, just a little bit) sad. Yeah, I know, I’m a weird kid.

But anyway, I’ve been struggling to find my feet this week. It’s been a quiet one so far, not a lot of hanging out or talking, just getting stuff done. Not a lot of reflection (not even for the rain), just doing, I guess.

However, two of my friends got married last Saturday, and I daresay it was one of the better weddings I’ve been to. Lots of Jesus, and you could tell they were both ecstatic, which was great to see. They’d been sort of stressed out going right up to last week, but at some point something switched, and I swear their whole demeanor changed. And they had one of the best kisses–they sort of grabbed each other and just went for it, and we all cheered–and as the pastor was giving the benediction, you could hear them outside screaming for joy. Incredible.

Also, there were people I consider family, and dancing, and breakfast tacos, and I got to announce stuff (which made me a nervous wreck, by the way), and everyone was pretty happy, I think. And to consider that there’ll be a better feast than that at the end–well. It boggles the mind.

But you go back to life, which is punctuated by these exclamation points of joy, but also the periods and Oxford commas of the everyday, which aren’t very exciting, but they’re what get you through the story. We are extraordinary people in mostly very mundane circumstances, and we can’t live on cake and champagne alone. We come together and break the daily bread of living, and He gives us life and sustains us.


2 thoughts on “Since the last time…

  1. Erica

    Love the last paragraph 🙂 the writing and the thought.

    Also, I didn’t drink myself to death on my birthday, in fact, there was very little drinking.

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