“sometimes i think of abraham…”

1. “…how one star he saw had been lit for me/he was a stranger in this land/and i am that no less than he…”

1a. I really hope you get that reference, but if not:

2. Sorry that it’s been quiet around here, but things have been kind of crazy around these parts. The lease runs out on my apartment this Friday, which means I’ve been packing and cleaning. My stuff is, for the most part, going to my parents’ house for the time being; I will be housesitting for a friend the first two weeks of August, and then from there–who knows. I don’t. I am praying for a job, and of course also applying to multiple places because I believe in the paradox that God works to accomplish His will in the world, and so do we at the same time. 😉 But I am thinking these days of Abraham and Sarah, how God said to go wherever He led them, and how they just packed up their tents and servants and sheep and went. That must have been a scary thing, and the folks in Ur must have thought they were crazy for following some unknown invisible God into nowhere. But they went, and they were blessed, and I wonder if we are called to no less than that. We are pilgrims, and sometimes we have to pack up and go somewhere scary, literally or figuratively. But it’s not as though we go alone.

3. Of course, I say this as someone whose backup plan is to go try out for American Idol when it comes to Austin in a couple of weeks, because I am ridiculous. And I am okay with that.

4. What else…um, I have a final exam for my web-based class due on Wednesday…still cranking out my final project…reading a book about the value of manual work written by a guy with a PhD in philosophy who presently works as a motorcycle mechanic (Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew Crawford…good stuff, I recommend it)…savoring what are probably my last days here in Austin…yeah. Singing by myself a lot, too, which is admittedly kind of weird. 🙂 Watching the guy at the table next to me draw (he’s really good). Not much else these days. I just watched Shutter Island with a group of folks the other night–it’s not nearly as creepy as the trailer made it look, more Fight Club mind-bending. My friend Hannah’s been reading Harry Potter for the first time and has been texting and tweeting me about it, which has been thoroughly entertaining (thanks, Hannah). And that’s about it. Kind of mundane, kind of exciting/scary around here. But thanks for sticking around.

5. Oh, one thing: My friend Teacher Dave goes to Haiti at the end of the week with his church, so if you could pray for him and his team, for their protection, that’d be swell, thanks.

6. A few questions, because we haven’t done this in a while:

a. What is the best new discovery you’ve made recently?
b. For Harry Potter readers–what do you think your patronus would be? (I have recently come to the conclusion that mine would be a bear, for various reasons.)
c. What was the last movie you saw? What’d you think?
d. Who’s your favorite president? (I’m rather fond of the Adamses, personally.)
e. Where is one place in the world that you want to visit, but don’t think you’ll get the chance to?
f. What are you wearing right now?


2 thoughts on ““sometimes i think of abraham…”

  1. Erica

    a- the free book list on my kindle

    b- Maybe some sort of bird…? I’d have to think about it more.

    c- Knight and Day. It was actually good, I thought it would be more of a romantic comedy and it wasn’t 🙂

    d- At this point, I heart Washington because he told us to stay away from political parties, and chances are, he was right. Cliche, but whatever.

    e- India or Thailand, but you never know

    f- PJs

  2. Sara

    I love this song! The version cut with Bebo Norman is really good, too – it’s on one of the WoW Worship disks. Aqua, maybe?

    a-that putting pictures in my cube makes me smile every time I look at them
    b-probably a large, slobbery dog
    c-The Frog Princess. The voodoo bits really creeped me out, so probably not as child-friendly as I’d like a Disney movie to be.
    d-I’m partial to presidents with aircraft carriers named after them. (It is entirely possible that I’m simply partial to aircraft carriers…)
    e-Antarctica. Even if they let me go, I probably wouldn’t get to bring a penguin home with me 😦
    f-tank and running shorts

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