music check…

We haven’t done one in a while…set your music player on shuffle, give us the first twenty tracks that come up…

1. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, “The Sound”
2. Sufjan Stevens, “Oh God, Where are You Now?”
3. Arcade Fire, “Neighborhood 4 – 7 Kettles”
4. MGMT, “Time To Pretend”
5. George Winston, “Prelude”
6. Sandra McCracken, “Eve (live)”
7. Slow Runner, “Long Division”
8. Roman Candle, “Eden Was a Garden”
9. Rent OBC, “I’ll Cover You (reprise)”
10. Caedmon’s Call, “The Only One”
11. U2, “When Love Comes To Town”
12. The Beta Band, “Dry the Rain”
13. Bob Dylan, “One Too Many Mornings”
14. Company Revival Cast, “What did I just do?”
15. Counting Crows, “Hanginaround”
16. Tom Petty, “Square One”
17. Five Iron Frenzy, “A New Hope”
18. Switchfoot, “The Loser”
19. Scissor Sisters, “Laura”
20. Caedmon’s Call, “The Danse”


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