a few quick hits.

1. As the last post said, I have graduated. I did my poster session, did an event, and left Austin for what may be a while. Thanks again to my friend Kelle for letting me crash at her place.

2. In other news, I’m leaving for Washington, DC in a couple of weeks to do a three-month internship with NPR. Should be loads of fun. However, I still need a place to live and a part-time job, so prayers for that should be fun. I’m going to miss Texas, and I will be working my butt off, but this is an opportunity I can’t miss. It’s gonna be awesome.

3. Things I have been mulling about lately: How the Enlightenment turned us into a people who refers to rules rather than actual ethics, and we are worse off for it; how we have separated thinking from being and doing; how I am in need of a poor spirit, in the beatitude sense; the similarities between Toy Story 3 and the Lost finale and the U2 song “One” (yeah, seriously); how the Internet can own me a little too easily; how a friend of mine is feeling called to go minister in New England and how I should get him in touch with an Internet buddy of mine; how I might need to get a new backpack. And more, too, possibly, but I can’t think of them right now, so I’m probably not mulling about them that hard. 😉 Maybe some posts about some of this soon…

4. Reading: The fourth Harry Potter (yes, I’m going through the series again–a friend is reading them for the first time and I’m trying to catch up with her so we can read the last two together). Jerry Bridges’s The Pursuit of Holiness (really good). Started Jane Eyre. Pondering what to take with me to read in DC, if anything–I might have time to read on the metro, maybe, so I’m gonna need something.

5. Okay, that’s all. Love y’all.


2 thoughts on “a few quick hits.

  1. Sara

    I owe you better commenting later, but I wanted to be sure and plug my current place of residence 🙂 I’m at Thompson-Markward Hall – it’s basically Memorial all over again (no booze, no boys), but it’s pretty decent living, especially for Capitol Hill. Excited that you get to come to DC, sad that you’ll be arriving right after I leave

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