“the river runs to the sea…”

I am now in DC. Excellent things from the past couple days:

* My roommate is not crazy. In fact, she is super-nice and even drove across town to pick me up at the airport. I think we’re going to get along well; we’re still in the trying-to-figure-each-other-out phase, but it’s nice. She’s introduced me to some folks from her church, and I think I’m visiting with her on Sunday. So, yeah.

* The NPR office is in the middle of what used to be a super-sketchy part of town, but they built a bunch of condos and restaurants and a convention center there now and it’s actually gotten quite gentrified, for better or for worse. But people aren’t afraid to walk to the metro station down the street by themselves, at least, and there are some good shops around there.

* I randomly ran into my friend Sara from college while at the metro station Monday night. I haven’t seen her in person since our mutual friend’s wedding last year; she’s in town for another week before she has to go back to grad school, so it was pretty serendipitous.

* The metro that I ride every day to work goes over the Potomac and I get to watch the river run to the Atlantic. It’s lined by forest and houses, and every once in a while you can see a boat go by.

* My office has a robot that rips CDs. Enough said. 🙂

* Oh, some of you will appreciate this: My office is also right across the street from the offices for Blackboard. Yes, that Blackboard.

I think it’s going to be a good time. It’s a beautiful city, and I’m getting kind of familiar with it, but I’m looking forward to getting to know people even more. Here’s to that.


2 thoughts on ““the river runs to the sea…”

  1. Sara

    Is it sad that I now know exactly where your office is, as I know where the Blackboard building is? Goodness! I hope you had a great first week of work!

  2. Good to hear that you’re having such a great time! But you neglected to mention the most awesomely awesomest part, which is that you’re only a 4 hour, very cheap bus ride away from me now. 😉 As are Erica and H, btw. I think we should have some sort of reunion at some point while you’re in DC.

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