Tonight at church the sermon was about Peter, and how Jesus gave him a new name, not because of what he was, but because of what he would become. And the pastor asked, “What name would you want to be given by God? What would you want Him to call you?”

My own name, Amanda, is Latin for “worthy of love” or “beloved”, which is kind of ironic, since that is the one thing I have struggled with the most as a Christian–knowing that I don’t have to earn God’s love, or be afraid of receiving love from other people, because in Christ I am already fully beloved. Since I’ve been in DC He’s kind of forced me to confront this head on, which has been really difficult, but it’s so good. It’s so good. My heart is so full that it aches.

Teacher Dave has been plugging this song to me lately, and it’s been a favorite of mine for a while now, and I think it’s rather relevant:

What about you? What kind of name would you want to be called by God?


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