for all this stuff:

* Further confirmation of something good going on in my life that I don’t really think I can share in this venue–not yet, anyway. But it is causing a lot of soul searching and a lot of seeking God’s heart, and that in and of itself is good.

* I got hired by a temp agency today. It staffs events at the Convention Center here in DC, so my job now is to wait for them to call me to show up. And get a white shirt and black pants. But hey, it’s a job. 🙂

* Baylor beat Kansas 55-7. This is a minor miracle, which you know if you know Big 12 football.

* Getting to watch the UT-OU game with a bunch of Austinite friends via Skype and ESPN’s website. The game sucked, but it was good to hear people’s voices. I also weirded out my friends’ little kid by being a disembodied voice, but oh well. 😉

* The community I’m getting to be a part of here. I do hate, though, that I make all these pockets of friends all over the place, and they’ll probably never all meet each other.

* Seriously, I cannot get over Mumford & Sons. I bought Sigh No More the other day and it has been on repeat ever since. My favorite song of theirs:

* I (rather impulsively) bought an acoustic guitar off of Craigslist for $25. It’s missing strings, but it’s the perfect size for my kid-sized hands and I think I can whip it into shape. I am tempted to go busking with it eventually, but we’ll see. 😉

* The remark from my parents on the phone: “You sound happier than we’ve heard you–well, ever, really.”

* Rotisserie chicken from the grocery store.

* There exists a pow-wow chant version (done by members of the Blackfeet tribe) of the theme song from Spongebob Squarepants. I can’t find a clip of it, but it has to be heard to be believed.

* Deeper recognition of my idols, and of my need for dependence and help to kill them off. They can’t just be gotten rid of; they have to be replaced entirely with affection for something better.

* The perfect weather we’re having right now.

* Being able to own both my own sin and the deep grace of God through Jesus.

* My friend Hannah went to this writers retreat in the Hill Country last weekend and apparently some very good things happened, including her getting to eat breakfast with half of Over the Rhine.

* My other friend Steph is going to be in New York in a few weeks, and I might get to go hang out with her. Woot!


3 thoughts on “thankful…

  1. this is a fantastic list. Too many things to which to respond!

    a) yay temp! I always think of Ryan from The Office.
    b) yay community! We won’t all get to meet, but I do get joy from thinking of you, a friend from church growing up, meeting Em, a friend from college. Groups colliding is fun. 🙂
    c) I need that Mumford & Sons album.
    d) I keep craving rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. Guess I need protein?
    e) if it weren’t breaking every rule out there, I’d ask you to email me that Blackfoot Spongebob (Spongefoot? Blackbob?) song from your robot.
    f) I have been getting that recognition, too. Strange mixture of pain and joy.
    g) honestly. We have to talk on the phone. The one “good thing” listed here is not the half of it, girlfriend.
    h) Go to NY!!!

  2. I think you might know someone else in NY….! Free lodging and food if you ever want it. 🙂 Is Stephanie moving here, or just visiting?

    Please call me sometime! I want to hear more about everything.

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