thursday 13

This week: 13 dead people you wish had Twitter accounts. (Idea blatantly stolen from The Morning News.)

1. Paul. Can you imagine?
2. Martin Luther, though he might get into some trouble because of all the anti-semitism…
3. Actually, Kate Luther, his wife, too, although I don’t know when she’d have time to tweet.
4. Thomas Edison.
5. Jane Austen.
6. Ella Fitzgerald.
7. John Lennon.
8. Shakespeare. That’d be fun.
9. T.S. Eliot, even though I think he might heavily footnote all his tweets.
10. Sojourner Truth.
11. Ben Franklin would pretty much be built for Twitter, I think.
12. I would totally follow Jimmy Stewart if he tweeted.
13. Oh, or Katherine Hepburn.


4 thoughts on “thursday 13

  1. Dave

    A sample…

    Paul (@chiefofsinners): “Ugh. Still dealing with Alexander the silversmith. What a tool (of Satan). Watch out for that jerk.”

    Luther (@livebyfaithordie): “Nailed the theses to the church door. About to sit down and have a sandwich and a pint. Kate just made roast beef. WHAT UP.”

    Kate Luther (@OriginalReformedWife): “@livebyfaithordie Marty, you stay away from that roast–we’re having people over later.”

    Thomas Edison (@brightguy): “the electric light you’re using to type by? YOU’RE WELCOME.”

    Ben Fraklin (@PoorRichardSez): “@brightguy All that basic understanding about electricity that your research is based on? YOU’RE welcome.”

    Eliot (@AlfiePrufrock): “I wish I were a pair of ragged claws.”

    Shakespeare (@BillyBadass): “There goes emo-boy again. Seriously @AlfiePrufrock, what does that even MEAN?”

  2. Another good list!

    My favorite professor from college, theatre prof Hallstrom, does a one-woman show where she plays Katharina von Bora…and I’ve been dying to see it since I heard about it, but have never gotten the opportunity. Here’s the closest I’ve come: reading this review. “Who can know if we love well or poorly? You can only do it.”

    (I wanted to see the exhibit on the Luthers in a church in Leipzig, but ran out of time there. Guess that means I have to go back. :))

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