“go over your hill and see what you find there…”

1. “…with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.” Gosh, I love Mumford & Sons.

2. Things that have gone on in the past few days–my friend and old roommate was here for the weekend and we got to hang out on Friday night, which was great; she is a great conversationalist and sounding board and I didn’t realize how much I missed her until she was here. Saturday night I went to what is apparently an annual tradition one of my new friends from church and her roommates do–they invite everyone they know in DC to their house to hang out and drink cider and hot chocolate and meet each other and hang out. And tonight, my friend Hannah’s friend Emily (who I guess is a friend of mine now too) invited me and a bunch of other folks to come over and eat homemade donuts and (sorry, Dad) drink beer. So, in short, I’ve gotten to hang out with a bunch of wonderful people, meet some new ones, and eat some good food in the process. Not a bad weekend.

3. I’ve been pondering the body, and how I tend to objectify other people’s bodies, and my own–and how I need to start loving people’s bodies for their own sake, as good creations of God and as part of their whole personhood. How can I better provide for people’s physical needs? How can I appreciate everyone’s body as both fallen and created by God as good, and not put them into the same categories the rest of the world does? How do I use my body to worship God–not just in church, but all the time? How do I behave to show my hope that one day this body of mine (and your body, too) is going to be raised?

4. Anyway, it’s after midnight. I am tired. I need to go to bed. But more to come, I promise.


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