my day today

Wake up. Lie in bed and pray. Get dressed. Eat peanut butter toast. Brush teeth, put on makeup, leave. Bus to metro station.

Train delay at metro station. Major train delay. First train stuffed to claustrophobic levels. Wait for next train. Fire off e-mail to colleagues that I’m going to be late. Get on not-as-stuffed-but-still-stuffed train. Get off, walk to work.

Eat half a brownie that was leftover from party yesterday (for October birthdays). Say hi to colleague. Work on finding appropriate sound effect for weekend show. Success! Go upstairs to get coffee. Work on some cataloging. Database gets effed up. Colleague calls tech people to get them to fix it.

Leave. Wait for friends who are in town so we can go eat lunch. Meet and hug friends (and their baby!). Walk down, eat lunch, play catch-up. Entertain baby. 🙂

Go back to work. Find out we won’t be able to catalog anything until they fix the database. Start shelving (and weeding) some CDs. (This goes on a while.) Go upstairs for a Tinier Desk Concert, thrown by Intern Edition. The band is a quartet of 13- and 14-year-old baby hipsters. Watch them sound-check. Wave hello to one of the All Songs Considered producers (he’s a super-nice guy). Move behind a desk and watch them from there. They’re actually pretty good. My rock star boss talks with their rhythm guitarist for a bit, which is cool.

Go back downstairs. Shelve some more CDs. Record some circulation stats, because that’s what librarians do. Tell people bye, have a good weekend. Metro. Bus. Grocery store. Walk up a hill back home. Put a frozen pizza in the oven. Put up groceries. Write this blog post. Getting ready to write some e-mails and postcards and watch some TV. Good day.

What about you? What’d you do today?


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