and the cycle goes around again.

1. One of the studios at work has been turned into Election Central–loads of computers, mics everywhere, the major news networks projected on a wall, a chart of who has how many votes. The people involved are supposed to be there until about 3am. Should be an interesting night for them. (Actually, here are some photos by a staffer–thanks, Twitter.) As for me, I am going to work on some stuff and then take a shower and go to sleep.

2. Answering my own questions from the last post: I’m going on a church retreat this weekend to the middle of nowhere in West Virginia, so that’ll be awesome; I just found out what someone got me for my birthday (yes, already), and even though I may not be able to accept it for various reasons, it’s kind of awesome; in the kitchen, with my roommate’s friend who is over, about what we do and how I just moved here; heck yeah I’m going to go see Harry Potter; I think I’d be blue-green or gray; I’ll be here in VA, assuming that Williams-Sonoma actually gets back to me and tells me I have a job with them. (I’m thinking of actually going over there myself and just asking. They’ve been kind of procrastinating getting back to me.)

3. I’ve been kind of spacing out all day, thanks to allergies and a general lack of sleep, so that’s been fun. I need to write up something, but then I think I’m gonna go to sleep straight away. Boring? Yes. But I hate involuntarily zoning out, so I’ll take being boring over that. 🙂


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