1. I don’t think I’ve really shared this with anyone with any seriousness, but the past year or so has gotten me considering adoption. I mean, not now, but it’s something to consider in the future, I suppose.

2. Random thing I failed to mention about this weekend: My roommate’s sister married a guy I used to go to church with. Said roommate also lives with a new friend that my friend Hannah went to college with. Also, this weekend I met a couple who just moved to the area from Austin, and it turns out we went to the same church there and just now met around a bonfire Saturday night. I sort of recognized her because she spoke a couple of times about her work with International Justice Mission, which is why they’re out here, by the way. Small, small world. There’s this joke that there’s only two or three degrees of separation between anyone in the PCA–actually, it’s funny because it’s true.

3. Recommended awesome of the day: There’s a delightful podcast called Pop Culture Happy Hour that’s recorded by a few of the good folks of NPR in which they sit around and, well, talk about pop culture. I know one of the guys and he is endearingly awkward, which makes me love this podcast all the more. You can get it by going to iTunes and looking up NPR: Culturetopia; if you subscribe, you get PCHH, as well as all the cultural stories that NPR broadcasts in a week. It’s fun.

4. Oh, oh–if you’re not watching a show on FX called Terriers, you should. Really well done. Some language and violence and sexiness, so be warned, but if you can deal with that, check it out. So good.


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