thursday 13.

This week: Thirteen favorite animals.

1. Penguins. Because they are awesome.
2. I have a fondness for bears which may or may not be fueled by my alma mater, but they’re such cool animals–they just kind of hang out and eat and occasionally have babies, and only freak out if they feel like they’re being threatened. And they have this kind of clumsy grace about them. I like bears.
3. Elephants–seriously! They are incredible! And they can snorkel–they go underwater and then pop their trunks above the surface, and then they swim. These giant beautiful creatures go snorkeling. Imagine that.
4. Giraffes.
5. I love mutts. They’re the best kind of dog, I think.
6. Sheep, even though they smell bad and are kinda dumb. But they’re fluffy, and that counts for something.
7. Swans. I have seen some in the wild and they are huge and gorgeous.
8. Peacocks, mostly because of that story about Flannery O’Connor–she kept one in her yard or something (seriously), and he was out flashing his tail around one day, and this African American lady walked by and saw him and just shouted, “Amen! Amen!” I agree.
9. Horses! I love horses.
10. Highland cows (or heilan coos, if you’re properly Scottish)
11. Sparrows. Because they are tiny. And the Father loves them.
12. Owls, a love that may or may not be fueled by Harry Potter and this website.
13. Dragons.


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