things which are making me happy these days.

* The good folks I get to work with at NPR. Somehow at least once a week I have a moment at work when I’m left to helplessly laugh for at least a minute straight with them, because of some absurdity someone did or said. And that’s a pretty good job environment, I think.

* Sleep. I like sleep a lot. Especially now that the weather’s cooler, I just want to burrow under the covers like a hibernating creature of some kind and stay there, occasionally emerging for a cup of coffee or something.

* Getting motivated to write poetry.

* I’ve been wanting hot chocolate a lot lately. I commend to all of you the dark chocolate kind at Caribou Coffee, if there’s a Caribou in your area of the world. Yum.

* Black Dub. The song “Silverado”, especially. They came and did a Tiny Desk about a month or so ago, and it is ridiculously good:

I think, though, that this is the first week that I’ve really been homesick–I miss my parents, and my friends in Texas, and all that Texas means. But I am also immensely grateful for this season, one that will eventually roll over into another one, but the days are short. Let me cherish the time without holding it too tightly in my grip.


One thought on “things which are making me happy these days.

  1. Yes, Silverado by Black Dub is such a powerful song! I’m seeing them tomorrow and I can’t wait. It really is a spectacular project with so much soul and passion.

    Another video from them:

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