I feel like I’ve been a nomad for a while–from Waco to Houston to Austin and now out here, all in the span of three years or so. While I’ve been grateful for all the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met, I find that somehow now I want to find a place to put down roots, to dwell somewhere. And for some reason I want it to be here.

This is a city I am growing to love; this is a city that needs to be loved. I am growing to love the people at the office; they are people that need to be loved. Same goes with the church I go to and the rest of the believers in the District and Maryland and Virginia. I want to be able to know and love them and grow with them.

This is hard, because I want to be in Texas for so many reasons–there are a whole host of people and memories there that I wish I could be with, and it’s not as though Texas doesn’t have people and places that need love, too. But there’s this desire that’s been growing the past few weeks to stay, and grow here. And that’s a difficult thing.

But if anyone lacks wisdom, she should ask God, and He, after all, knows where I’m going even though I can’t. I still feel like Abraham and Sarah, trying to find the land He is giving to me. I’m one of the stars they saw, and I want to shine wherever I go.


One thought on “roots.

  1. Sara

    I know how you feel – I finally felt like I was putting down some roots in the greater Waco area, only to pack up and move to Ohio. I vote you stay in DC, for purely selfish reasons. Plus, Erica’s grandma decided that Erica and I should get a rowhouse on the Hill – you could live there, too 🙂

    In the spirit of your closing line: “Sometimes I think of Abraham / How one star he saw had been lit for me / He was a stranger in this land / And I am that no less than he” Love that song.

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