things i have been meditating on these days.

I’ve been thinking about that verse in Proverbs 31, where the wise sage writes about the qualities of a woman of character, the verse that says “Strength and dignity are her clothing; she can laugh at the days to come.” Not laugh in scorn or out of nervous fear or naive dismissal, but because of joy in knowing that whatever happens will bring greater joy, somewhere. Strength and dignity are what she puts on like a dress, or a shirt, or a pair of pants; they’ll keep her warm, keep her comfortable, but they’ll also be her glory and her beauty, because she’s already put on righteousness and faith.

Those are clothes I’m learning to put on. I may fumble with the buttons and the zippers, and I might not fit into them just yet. But they are mine, just as they are yours if you’re Jesus’ kid sister. And He is good to teach us, just like any good brother is. And He stands back and tells us how beautiful we are, because as far as He’s concerned, we are.


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