things i am praying today

oh You already had my heart
so it’s not like You need my poor permission
to take it over

but You would rather have my joy
than my compulsion
which is kind and demanding of You
all at once

* * *
the thing about feeling like Abraham
is that he also had to take the one he loved
up a mountain
and was asked to slay him

the thing about that, too
is that on the mountain, You provided
and You provide on that mountain still
because You slaughtered the One You love

which gives me the courage to climb up
with all my love in hand
all my fond ambition on my back
to burn it on Your altar

and leave it to You to stay my hand
or not


One thought on “things i am praying today

  1. You have the best blog ever. I love this, and your bucket list, which I just re-read. Come visit me in New York and I will take you to one of those restaurants!! The bus between here and DC is super cheap.

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