random, again.

1. Answering my own questions from yesterday:
a) From Houston to DC, via Chicago.
b) Grey, dark teal, green (any shade), cranberry red, and orange. Not burnt orange, just regular orange.
c) Go hooooome.
d) Preferably as a latte. I like a lot of milk with my coffee. One sugar, or not, if the coffee is especially good.
e) I’m kind of fond of Donne’s poem “Batter My Heart, Three-Person’d God” or e.e. cummings’ “anyone lived in a pretty how town”.

2. It’s 9:30 pm here and I have not yet had dinner. This is a problem.

3. I started work at Williams-Sonoma today–I never thought I’d say this, but it felt good to work retail again. Seriously. Of course, I say this, but I’m only going to be there about a month, so maybe the knowledge that it’s going to be short is affecting my contentedness levels. 😉

4. Still no idea what I’m doing after this internship. Which is scary as crap, especially for someone like me who likes to know exactly what the plan is. Wherever I end up, I know I’ll be gaining something, but I’ll also have to give something up, and that’s a hard thing. So. But nothing is for sure yet, except as far as God is concerned. Right now I’m trying to be obedient where I am now, to re-learn how to listen to the Spirit, because I’d forgotten for a while, and it was kind of terrible. So. There’s that.

5. Um, what else? Not much, honestly. I’m tired. And that’s about it. Good night, kids.


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