“we have to go back, kate! we have to go back!!!”

1. I really have no idea what the title has to do with anything, except I was just reading something about LOST. Yes, still. Actually, the finale was six months ago today, so I guess that works.

2. Imagery I’ve been pondering lately: Birds (especially tiny birds, like sparrows–they’re all over the place here, or are those wrens? Ah, yes, they’re wrens; thanks, Google Image); waiting rooms; evergreens; autumn leaves; the idea of dwelling, not just living somewhere; holding another person’s face and looking them right in the eyes, or being held by them (not any specific person, just a general person). There’s a poem in there somewhere, but I need to sit down and actually write it.

3. I think homesickness really hit me hard this week for the first time since I’ve been here.

4. Sorry about the lack of Mix Tape Monday (not that any of you were particularly worried about it, probably :p), but it will show up next week, I promise.

5. It’s the last week of Pentecost. We’re making the transition into Advent on Sunday, looking for Jesus to come back. It’s this interesting loop around from the end of the story right back to the beginning, the conclusion of what we’re looking forward to and the start of the redemption that kicked the whole thing off.

6. Okay, that’s all I’ve got, really. Later, kids.


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