thursday 13

This week: Things for which you are thankful, of course.

1. The fact that even though I can’t go home, I have friends and a place to celebrate Thanksgiving this afternoon/evening. Hurrah.

2. I finally kind of got my crappy $25 guitar tuned and now my fingers hurt. Trust me, that is a good feeling.

3. Seriously, I love my internship. It’s fantastic.

4. My other jobs, too.

5. Phone calls with friends from home. E-mails and texts and tweets from them.

6. The grace to have difficult conversations without them blowing up. That was not something I possessed for a long time.

7. Good books.

8. That I’m spending autumn in a place that actually gets it, and that the trees are aflame.

9. American citizenship, and all the rights and responsibilities that come with it. DC has made me realize that, I think.

10. The people who drive buses and subway trains. Thanks.

11. Seriously: Hot beverages. If there were some sort of coffee and tea embargo, I think everyone at the office would just quit.

12. My mom and dad. They’re pretty great.

13. This: “My name is graven on His hands/My name is written on His heart/I know that while in heaven He stands/No tongue can bid me thence depart.”


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