the living room recommends…

Not going shopping on Black Friday
I am probably a lot less stressed than some of you right now. 😉

Chinatown Coffee
If you’re ever in the DC area, go to the corner of 5th and I NW and get you a latte there.

Going for a walk after your Thanksgiving meal
Put on your jacket, wear some comfy shoes, and go out on a walk. Helps your digestion and makes you feel like you’re no longer going to explode. If you bring some folks along, it’s also good talking time.

Kathleen Norris’s The Cloister Walk
I just got done with this, and I don’t know if it’s just because it was exactly what I needed this week or what, but I found that there’s a lot of wisdom and insight to be found here. Norris writes about her life as a Benedictine oblate, someone who wants to learn from and about Benedictine monastics without actually becoming one. She covers everything from life in western North Dakota to chastity to why monks and nuns wear habits.

Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs
I also just bought this last night. My gosh, it is amazing. Of course, most of you probably have it already. But it’s great. And it’s about The Woodlands, which I think is hilarious.


One thought on “the living room recommends…

  1. 1) I love the Arcade Fire! I’m listening to the new songs for the first time right now.

    2) I did my Black Friday shopping online and even that is stressful…apparently deals expire.

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