dona nobis pacem, pacem…

1. I have downloaded so much music (most of it free) the past couple of days. I am seriously considering saving up for an external hard drive to keep it all on. (iTunes says I have 21.12 GB, which translates to 12 and a half days’ worth. However, that’s less than some of my friends have, which is mind-boggling. And at work I get to deal in terabytes of audio files, so that’s fun.)

2. Seriously, outside of Starbucks, a guy just walked by wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt and the most epic mullet I have ever seen. (It’s in the 40s outside. Hipsters. *shakes head*)

3. It’s the holiday season again. I busted out the Christmas music yesterday, and we’re about to do a round of Christmas CDs at work, and I am trying in the middle of all the busyness to be mindful of Advent, and waiting for Jesus to come. The month before Christmas always has me feeling the brokenness of the world, especially as I get older, and so I need Him to come, and ransom all of us captives.

4. In other news, I found a store out in Alexandria that sells historical paraphernalia and immediately thought of my friend Steph. There are Civil War artifacts in the window, Steph. You need to get your butt out here.

5. Okay. That’s all I’ve got for now. About to go write some Christmas cards!


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