advent: week 1

I wonder
when Abraham heard an unknown God
Calling him to leave his father’s house
for a place he’d never been
did he have to step back for a moment
and question his sanity
because he was hearing voices
in the depths of himself, alone?
or did the Almighty show up as a visible stranger
like He would later, as He came
with both promise and destruction in His hands?

millennia later
Abraham’s children
two grains of sand in
the land that was given
they would see angels
who had to tell them what angels
always have to tell us poor mortals:
“do not be afraid.”

did they have to
step back and make sure
they’d heard correctly?

the messenger came
with the promise of God’s voice
speaking of God’s own word
of both absolution and judgment
through whom all nations would be blessed

they would step out into unmapped territory
trusting in the good
and terrifying
and sovereign plan
to save them all


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