thursday 13.

This week: I’m kind of stealing this from The Morning News–13 people that you’d thank in the acknowledgments page if this year were a book.

1. Thanks to Madalyn, who would show up at random times and hang out pretty much exactly when she needed to. Thanks, old roomie.
2. Thanks to all the crew at Hill House, for listening to my story, telling me yours, inviting me to hang out, telling me about good music, offering to let me crash on your couches, and pointing me to Jesus. Oh, and in some cases, inviting me to your weddings. 😀
3. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for always being on the other end of the phone line, and just for being my parents. And also, thanks for letting me joke about being the good child.
4. Thanks to Steph, Hannah, and Jen, my favorite drinking buddies, interlocutors, sounding boards, and kickers of my butt. You make me miss Houston, and that’s not always easy. 😉
5. Thanks to All Saints Presbyterian Church, Austin, for being home and for being a witness in hard times.
6. Thanks to Teacher Dave for the best guy friend a girl could ask for.
7. Thanks to all my Twitter peeps for keeping me amused, encouraged, and convicted around the clock.
8. Thanks to my peeps at Grace DC–Allan, Sarah, Jessica B, Jessica C, the Steves, David, Max & Gabi, Erin, Ryan, Athena, Ashley, Stephanie, Emily, Rob, Alice, Travis, and a whole lot of people I am unfortunately probably forgetting. Y’all are the best and I wouldn’t have survived DC without y’all.
9. Thanks to my roommate for putting up with all my weirdness.
10. Thanks to all the good folks at the NPR Broadcast Library for being excellent teachers and conversation partners, and (again) for putting up with all my weirdness. 😉
11. Thanks also to the excellent NPR Fall 2010 Intern Crew.
12. Oh oh, thanks to Dr. Rice-Lively, and to Mindy and the rest of the crew at Recycled Reads Bookstore in Austin, without whom I would not have a master’s degree. Holla.
13. And thanks to Ashley, Sarah, Sara, H, Lulu, Chelsey, Erica, Karen, and occasionally Adam, whom I miss to bits, for keeping in touch, sending cards, and always liking my Facebook statuses. 😉


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