psalm: come and rest

listen now, you busy, you restless,
you that feel like your treadmill life
keeps you from stopping and breathing,

you whose hands and heart are covered in
calluses from all their hard labor,
from all the loads they have to carry,

you who are weary
you who are hungry
you who are weak

hear Him calling out your name:

come, you who are beloved of my Father
come and enter into rest

look at the burden I bore for you
look at the work I accomplished

hear My dying cry that the work is finished
hear the Father’s words of your approval
hear the Spirit and the Bride say
come to the feast and be satisfied

stop your fighting
stop your striving
be still

take the yoke of sacrifice that binds Me to you
upon your weary shoulders
and find that it is light

because I bear both it
and you


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