Advent: week 3

We hang up our lyres
on the willows there

We can’t bear to sing Your songs
in this foreign land

because our enemies took over
the place where You dwell

because we know our real enemy
is us

who is there that can comfort us
who is there who could absolve

when will we have pardon
when will our hard labor be over

we will wait for the love of the Lord
to come and bring us home


thursday 13

this week: 13 of your favorite things that happened this year.

1. Social Media class.
2. Watching the Lost finale at Dave’s.
2a. My friend Hannah’s tweet from Germany a couple of days after: “LAPIDUS!!!!!!!” Also, reading it to Steph while we ate lunch at Five Guys (I have no idea why I remember this, but it was entertaining).
3. This one game night we had at Jesse and Dorea’s that was loads of fun.
4. David & Nicole’s wedding!
5. Being in Houston for Jen’s birthday. Eating cupcakes and drinking drinks with people and wanting to punch Will Conrad.
6. All the random laughter-inducing things that happen at NPR, including getting strangled for an audience.
7. The Grace DC church retreat (pocket flamethrowers!)
8. How excited people got when I told them about my internship.
9. Getting done with my freaking degree…
10. My seven-year high school reunion.
11. Tiny Desk Concerts–Stile Antico, Black Dub, The Heligoats, Nick Lowe(!), Richard Thompson, Nellie McKay, Turtle Island String Quartet…others I think I am forgetting…
12. You.
13. The things I treasure most: All the conversations had with other people over coffee, over dinner, over lunch, in Google Chat, in AIM, in e-mails, on the phone, in which we got to know each other, hashed out life, talked each other down off our crazy ledges, killed time, loved one another, held one another up.

psalm: a blessing.

and now
may the Lord bless you–

may He give you what you need
more than what you want

may He give you the desire to
seek what He loves

may He grant you many sons and daughters
though you may long walk in solitude

and may the Lord keep you–

may He hold you in His strong arms
and carry you through the night

may He guard you from the weariness
all around and within you

may He hold your hands and lead you
down the good paths He’s paved

and may the Lord turn the glory of His face
toward you so that you might see Him and live

for He has already poured His grace out on you
from His broken body, from His righteous throne, in holy flame

may the Lord give you the shalom
that is already here but not yet fulfilled

may He restore all your broken walls
may He rebuild all your broken hope

may He transform your words to action
and your dreams into His praise

may you ever be His
may we ever be His people


advent: week 2

the prophet came and dared
to say to his face:
“you are the man”–
the man who has failed,
the man who should have known better,
the man who has broken the heart of his God–
and now the great king pours himself out like the sacred wine

and David waits for the hope of redemption
like midnight waits for the morning light
like the ones posted all along the watchtower
and all he has to cling to is a promise, a song, and the truth

that the King of glory will enter in the gates
and He will bring all His people home to Zion
even the ones whose hands are unclean
will be washed whiter than snow

thursday 13.

This week: I’m kind of stealing this from The Morning News–13 people that you’d thank in the acknowledgments page if this year were a book.

1. Thanks to Madalyn, who would show up at random times and hang out pretty much exactly when she needed to. Thanks, old roomie.
2. Thanks to all the crew at Hill House, for listening to my story, telling me yours, inviting me to hang out, telling me about good music, offering to let me crash on your couches, and pointing me to Jesus. Oh, and in some cases, inviting me to your weddings. πŸ˜€
3. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for always being on the other end of the phone line, and just for being my parents. And also, thanks for letting me joke about being the good child.
4. Thanks to Steph, Hannah, and Jen, my favorite drinking buddies, interlocutors, sounding boards, and kickers of my butt. You make me miss Houston, and that’s not always easy. πŸ˜‰
5. Thanks to All Saints Presbyterian Church, Austin, for being home and for being a witness in hard times.
6. Thanks to Teacher Dave for the best guy friend a girl could ask for.
7. Thanks to all my Twitter peeps for keeping me amused, encouraged, and convicted around the clock.
8. Thanks to my peeps at Grace DC–Allan, Sarah, Jessica B, Jessica C, the Steves, David, Max & Gabi, Erin, Ryan, Athena, Ashley, Stephanie, Emily, Rob, Alice, Travis, and a whole lot of people I am unfortunately probably forgetting. Y’all are the best and I wouldn’t have survived DC without y’all.
9. Thanks to my roommate for putting up with all my weirdness.
10. Thanks to all the good folks at the NPR Broadcast Library for being excellent teachers and conversation partners, and (again) for putting up with all my weirdness. πŸ˜‰
11. Thanks also to the excellent NPR Fall 2010 Intern Crew.
12. Oh oh, thanks to Dr. Rice-Lively, and to Mindy and the rest of the crew at Recycled Reads Bookstore in Austin, without whom I would not have a master’s degree. Holla.
13. And thanks to Ashley, Sarah, Sara, H, Lulu, Chelsey, Erica, Karen, and occasionally Adam, whom I miss to bits, for keeping in touch, sending cards, and always liking my Facebook statuses. πŸ˜‰


let the love of Christ surround us
all throughout the coming night
let His promises be to us
warmth and shelter and true light

guard us from the dark around us
guard us from the dark inside
let us rest within Your comfort
to the morning be our Guide

glory to You, righteous Father
glory to You, holy Son
glory to You, glorious Spirit
glory to You, three in one