thursday 13

This week: 13 goals you have for 2011.

1. Get employed.
2. Get out of my parents’ house. 😉
3. Cross five things off of my bucket list.
4. Make five things on this giant list of projects I have.
5. Get my own domain name and design my own website (which will, of course, mean getting better at HTML and CSS than I am).
6. Read 50 books.
7. Watch 50 movies. This is harder for me to do than you’d think.
8. Fit back in my prom dress. No reason for that, except that it’d mean I weighed the same I did in high school, which would be nice.
9. Finish memorizing Ephesians–it’s taken me two years; it’s about time to finish. 😉
10. I am going to take a vacation somewhere. This will happen.
11. Go the whole year without buying any black clothing (except for shoes).
12. Eventually, I may try going vegetarian for a while.
13. Oh, and I am going to make one of these:
(the hat, that is, not Adam Baldwin)


6 thoughts on “thursday 13

  1. Great list.
    Re: 9)–Yeah, do it!! I’ve started memorizing Philippians as part of Timmy Brister’s “Partnering 2 Remember” project. It’s HARD, but it’s goooooood for me.

  2. Going vegetarian is very easy. Vegan is a bit of a challenge. But vegetarian is easy. Lots of restaurants have veggie burgers (which are good despite public opinion) or veggie chili or veggie fajitas, plus there’s lots of options with Thai and Indian food. I also love that when I cook I never have to worry about raw meat diseases and cleaning up gross liquids. And it would absolutely help you accomplish goal #8.

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