thursday 13

This week: the last 13 things you bought.

1. Augustine’s City of God, using a gift card I got for my birthday (thanks, Dave).
2. A smoothie from Jamba Juice.
3. Pantyhose (for the dryer vent).
4. Envelopes.
5. An Oreo concrete from a frozen custard place down the street.
6. Dinner (which was quesadillas) on Tuesday night.
7. A couple of balls of red yarn.
8. Cookies, for watching the Golden Globes.
9. Dinner on Friday night.
10. Somewhere in there I bought another Jamba Juice smoothie…
11. A black shirt for work.
12. A pack of Sharpie pens.
13. A cup of coffee at Starbucks. That’s right–straight coffee. Because I am a rebel.


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