this is not a blog post.

1. This is not a blog post; it is a bunch of light and pixels on a screen that we as a society have collectively decided to call a blog post oh my GOSH I hate postmodernism.
1a. I had a dream the other night that involved the title, “The Colonial Hegemony of Cap’n Crunch Advertisements in Post-Colonial Australia.” College ruined me, y’all.

2. Thought that is kind of related to the State of the Union address, but not really: C.S. Lewis, in That Hideous Strength, writes about this idea of the true Britain vs. the false Britain–i.e., the Britain of nobility and King Arthur and chivalry and true piety vs. what modernism and industrialization and elitism had made it. I wonder: The true America is what gets evoked in speeches like the president gave tonight–the one of hard work, revolution, equality, justice, promise, opportunity, prosperity, diversity. I fear, though, that it gets buried in the sense of entitlement, power plays, continued inequality, prejudice, sensationalism, anger, and triviality. What I really wonder is this: Where is the true America continuing to show up, how can the church encourage it, and will it–and the true natures of all the nations of the world–show up in the new heavens and new earth?

3. The thing about me is that I know I need the concrete, the tangible, the real, but i take the purely ideological instead, because it’s easier to control and therefore less scary. But it’s a poor substitute, and it just makes me want the real even more. Digital community, as Wendell Berry says, is mere metaphor.

Relationships are messy work; it has to be that way, at least for now, until we’re all turned into the glorious, majestic beings we were always meant to be. I am scared of the real, because it has so often broken my heart, but I have to embrace it precisely for hat reason, because, oddly, God wants to redeem both it and the very real me together. I’ve had to learn this the hard way the past few months, but it’s a good lesson to learn.

4. Okay, this has gotten a little too serious, so some questions for y’all:

a) What do you think of 2011 so far? Any big plans?
b) What’re you reading right now?
c) What’d you eat for dinner last night?
d) What is your biggest frustration right now?
e) What was the last fun thing you discovered?
f) What’s your favorite non-chain bookstore?

5. Finally, I’ve been playing this at least once a day:


2 thoughts on “this is not a blog post.

  1. I LOVE that group version of “Use Somebody.” I really wish The Sing-Off was longer than a few weeks.

    #2 – Whoa. I guess I’ve never really thought about that. Although a long time ago, I did a post on “What Does All-American Really Mean?” I’m not sure if that’s the title I used, but I was wondering what it means to be all-American when so many diverse cultures make up our country. But that’s a good point to ponder–the one about if the idealized America will show up in the hereafter. We can only hope.

    On to your questions…

    A) I’ve had a rough 2011 already with my husband’s surgery and my grandmother’s passing and the baby getting sick and then passing it on to me. I’m hoping ony January has been cursed and I foresee good things happening this year. Every year, I say “20xx was the WORST!” and I’m hoping for a change this year. Last year brought good things in the form of a new family member, but there were a lot of other things going on that were hard. I hope things will improve this year and that I can focus more on my relationship with God and that Husband and I can do better about praying together and that we can grow in Christ as a couple. It’s essential for our little guy that we start on this immediately!

    B) I am reading The Paradise War: Song of Albion – Book 1 by Stephen Lawhead. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I’m 39% done (don’t you just love Kindle?) but in the last few chapters, something happened and I’m not sure where they’re going with it or if I’ll like it. I’m going to keep reading though. I tend to abandon books halfway if I get bored or don’t like where the story is headed. My goal is to read 12 books (I know that’s mere peanuts to you) this year. It’s hard to find the extra time with a little one around.

    C) I ate a BBQ sandwich on a whole wheat bun with a few chips. Nothing spectacular but it got the job done. I have leftovers today.

    D) My biggest frustration right now is putting the boy to bed. He is a wonderful sleeper once he goes to bed and up until just a few weeks ago, he always fell asleep immediately after his nighttime bottle. Lately, he is still awake and fights sleep. He doesn’t want to be rocked or soothed to sleep. I don’t have the heart to let him “cry it out” (I let him cry a little longer than I normally do last night, no more than 2 minutes and he got so upset he vomited) and don’t think it would work for us. I’d be content to rock him until he’s five-years-old (not really) if he would just LET ME. He has an iron will and has just hit that separation anxiety stage so I think I’m just gonna have issues for awhile. Ugh.

    E) The last fun thing I discovered? Hmmmm. Good question. I’m sure I’ve found something before this but I love that I can play word games on the Kindle.

    F) Favorite non-chain bookstore…there aren’t any around here, unfortunately. There used to be a used bookstore in the “hipster” area of Little Rock and it was my husband’s favorite. I only got to go to it once but it shut down a few years ago, which is really sad. Because I would love to own an old, musty bookstore.

    This was long. Sorry. 🙂

  2. a) Not a fan of 2011 yet, but I did kick ass at law school the other day, so I might get over it. My plan is to get a good summer job and/or go to Austria and take law classes there.

    b) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Constitutional Law cases, Incarceron, and The Blue Sword

    c) Hamburger, but it wasn’t that good.

    d) Apartment hunting and getting over being sick.

    e) I have a humidifier that looks like a large tea pot and I think of Beauty and the Beast when I see it.

    f) The bookstore my friend lives above in a cute neighborhood in Boston. Couldn’t tell you the name if my life depended on it.

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