little darlin’, it’s been a cold and lonely winter…

1. I’ve had “Here Comes the Sun” stuck in my head, hence the title.

2. I tend to blog more when I’m in Houston, for the sheer fact that I have more time to actually think about things. When I get a more permanent job, it’s going to take more work to get in that headspace, but it’s well worth it.

3. Things I’ve been convicted about lately: “Rejoice!” is an imperative; sloth is a sin (and one I am unfortunately very prone to); I spend too much time meditating on things that aren’t the good law of the Lord, and Psalm 1 calls people who do that “chaff that the wind blows away”. Hum.

4. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m a little burnt out on U2.

5. Cause I am suddenly interested in: Human trafficking. Did you know Houston’s the #1 hub for that? Horrifying.

6. I have dreams like Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings of fighting battles, of doing great deeds. I wonder what it’ll take for me to realize that greatness is also found in supporting the ones off fighting. For her, it took almost getting killed and a guy falling in love with her while they were both convalescing.

7. *yanks off helmet* I AM NO MAN. *stabs witch king in face*

8. Sorry, all you non-LOTR people. (Wait…I don’t think any of you read this blog. Never mind.)

9. Had a conversation with Teacher Dave about how in a lot of ways it’s hard for Christians, and especially women, to know how to properly relate to our bodies. We’re caught between centuries of tradition, whether explicit or implicit, that says that thinking about your body is unspiritual, and the culture that tells us that your body is perfectly fine, but only if it meets certain criteria. How do we properly treat our bodies in light of the fact that Jesus had (has!) one and that our own bodies will one day be resurrected? How do we treat other people’s bodies, regardless of what they look like or behave like?

10. I’ve started watching this really interesting Travel Channel show called The Wild Within–this guy Steve goes out hunting in places like Alaska or Molokai, and he takes us along for the ride. He has this really articulate philosophy of hunting, how it keeps people more connected to the land and their ancestors and the origins of where their food comes from. It doesn’t have me wanting to go hunting any time soon (yet), but it’s super-fascinating. I recommend it if you have cable.

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