happy valentine’s day.

1. Seriously, it’s a saint’s feast day (again, in turn co-opted from the pagan Romans). A dude got beheaded. And we celebrate it by declaring our love and eating chocolate. What a weird holiday.

2. Also, I don’t really do chocolate. I mean, I’ll eat it, but it’s not something I’ll actively seek out. This makes me a weird girl, I know, but that’s probably the least of what makes me so. 😉

3. Thing I’ve been hashing out the last few days (and some of you may have seen this on Facebook): In evangelical discussions about gender, women are addressed as wives and mothers and occasionally daughters, but rarely as sisters. I don’t just mean in terms of terminology used; I mean, in discussions about women, it’s usually in terms of our roles as wives or mothers. Or it’s about what we can and cannot do in terms of church governance.

This is all well and good. What frustrates me, I think, is that we are rarely spoken to as ourselves, as fellow heirs in Christ Jesus, as His sisters. Not all of us are going to get married and have kids; not all of us are even thinking about being a deacon. I see all these gospel conferences that are mostly dominated by men, and while I genuinely love to see men stepping up and pressing into that, where is the female voice in the Reformed/gospel-driven/missional/whatever movement? Who is speaking to us as young women? How do we find balance between being silent and being dominating?

4. I don’t know exactly what this means, but my good memories are dominated by long conversations or by singing. I wonder what I’d do if I ever lost the ability to talk.

5. Also, seriously, what does a girl have to do to get y’all to say anything around here? (…Of course, that’s probably a sign that I am entirely too interested in getting blog comments, and that is sad on a number of levels.)

6. People’s reactions to Arcade Fire winning the Grammy for Album of the Year make me really happy that my friends all either know who Arcade Fire are already, or don’t care about the Grammys.

7. Somewhat related: I feel like people in our society who like thinking critically about things have to fight for their right to do so. This is a freaking problem.

8. I miss Austin.

9. Les Miserables is really good, but it’s also really freaking long. Also, it’s making me realize how little I know about French history.


3 thoughts on “happy valentine’s day.

  1. I often think of commenting, but I rarely haves something deep to say by the time I get to email in the evening. But you make me think deeply, even though I don’t get it out in written word! Thanks and keep it coming. 🙂

  2. Erica

    1) I miss Austin too.
    2) Happy late Valentine’s day.
    3) I didn’t even know Arcade Fire was up for a Grammy until your said something. But I’m glad for them.
    4)I know too much about French history but I’ve never read/seen Les Mis. I’d better work on that 🙂

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