options for what I can do with the rest of my life

(Disclaimer: I’m not saying all of these are good options. But they are options.)

1. Get a librarian gig somewhere.
2. Be a lifelong barista.
3. Join the circus.
4. Go to NYC and be an actor. (Which is really the same thing as #2, isn’t it?)
5. Save up some money and then take off on the road and live in motels and other people’s couches.
6. Open that combination mobile bookstore-pie truck I keep thinking about.
7. Convert to Catholicism and become a Benedictine nun.
8. Go get a second master’s degree and/or a PhD. (Maybe hold off on that until my already-existent loans are paid off…)
9. Marry a wealthy man.
10. Marry a farmer.
11. Become a professional blogger.
12. Become a webcomic artist.
13. Become a professional busker.
14. Go to culinary school.
15. Get a job that is none of the above, but which I cannot think of.
16. Work for a bookstore?
17. Be a camp counselor.

I’m also open to suggestions.


6 thoughts on “options for what I can do with the rest of my life

  1. I like Erica’s suggestion. Thinking and writing critically about things in general sounds like Amanda to me, and I think sometimes you have a unique perspective. You should come to New York, and review plays, as well.

    Does it seem like everyone in our general age group is asking this same question right now? I feel like I don’t really know anyone who is sure about what they want to do when they grow up.

  2. I’m partial to Will’s suggestion. If that’s not to your liking, have you considered piracy (of the eye patch/parrot/tall ship variety. Both the internet and Somali types are bad.)?

    Are you looking at social media-related positions? Not as much fun as blogging professionally here, but you’d be good at it. :0)

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