i whip my hair back and forth.

1. Actually, no, I don’t, as it’s too short to do that anymore, but Thom Yorke certainly does:

2. The thought occurs to me that I’ve viewed dating and marriage as some sort of validation or justification, which is why it’s probably just as well that they haven’t really happened to me yet. God’s been protecting me [and some poor guy] from myself. I don’t have to be someone’s girlfriend or wife to be okay.

3. It’s also occurred to me that other people’s conflict has always sort of scared me because of that as well–I want relationships to be perfect so they can be my salvation from…something. I’m not entirely sure what, exactly. So it’s been helpful to watch my dating and married friends fight to love one another, no matter what, mostly because it shows me that it’s still worth fighting for.

4. Most of the time, I think, losing hope does not look like crushing darkness and despair. Most of the time it looks like not trying. Hope provides motion, or at the very least hope gets rid of passivity.


6. By the way, I’m loving y’all’s suggestions for what to do with my life. Of course, how do you know I’m not already a pirate and my months in DC were all just a ruse?

7. …I mean, what?

8. Hum. That’s all I’ve got. Love y’all.


One thought on “i whip my hair back and forth.

  1. Erica

    1) I’m going to Puerto Rico in 36 hours to be in the 80 degree weather, on purpose. Our spring break is called “winter recess” and starts tomorrow at 12:35 pm. It was in the 20s today.

    2) I love Thom Yorke.

    3) Miss you!

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